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While persons born under the Virgo zodiac sign may appear peaceful on the outside, there is a lot going on beneath the surface. They are always deep in thought, analyzing and analysing events and people around them. Because of their desire to understand, they tend to jump to conclusions.

Their analytical ability causes them to be highly detail focused. And they can be quite content to be alone as long as they feel safe and their needs for love and affection are fulfilled. They may prefer their alone time over socializing with others since it helps to calm their more chaotic, nervous interior life. Because they are so detail-oriented, they may be highly critical of themselves. Their perfectionism is often eased by a burst of activity – they find serenity in their search of perfection.

Low and High Manifestation

High Manifestation: humble, altruistic, logical, responsible, ordered, orderly, honest, and devoted

Low Manifestation: anxious, critical, overly focused on minor things, dogmatic, greedy, perfectionist

Appearance Factors

The Virgo man is of medium height, slender figure, proportionately developed body, high pronounced forehead, straight nose. Еyes are vivid and expressive, blue or brown in color. The lips are well formed, often thin, narrow chin. Gait is energetic and agile.

Virgo woman is slender, with beautiful long hair, can be wavy, hair color - brown or blonde. The face is rounded with expressive eyes and well-defined lips. She is always neatly dressed, friendly and modest. He spends a lot of time maintaining his appearance.

They are outstanding workers in their careers, but their feel of dedication and care can be exploited if they are not careful. They will gladly take assignments and will not complain much, which means that when they are doing someone else’s work, their own personal work suffers. They are, nevertheless, excellent workers who pay close attention to detail and enjoy creating something unique to themselves. Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign work well in groups as well as on their own initiative. They can be good at helping their colleagues improve themselves and deal with difficult assignments when they are surrounded by a supportive team.

Recommendations: Eat vegetarian food, fast, avoid stress. More peace and relaxation.

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