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The Fishes


Pisces is the 12th last sign of the zodiac. It is said that in some way Pisces are a window to the various qualities of all the other 11 Signs. This is a dreamy and romantic sign known for its charming creative side, which for some is free-flowing poetry and for others it is equivalent to intensive spiritual growth. Very generous and compassionate, Pisces are selfless, while others may feel that they are slightly ambiguous, distracted or confused. Well, when it comes to Pisces, just like the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, paradoxes are in abundance. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces believe we live in their own world. They tend to be spiritually elevated and quite focused on their inner journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony. It is known that they can easily flow through the current of life, without causing necessary excitement, while avoiding and hating confrontations. They prefer to be neutral rather than to take a side and will do everything possible to avoid conflicts. Modest and calm, they like to have a sense of security and comfort around them. These individuals love their cosy nests, create wonderful families and become good parents. Caring, loving and loyal, Pisces are often romantic in love, unless they act with the negative traits of their character or when they often feel abandoned. For Pisces, love is more giving than receiving. Tolerant, respectful and willing to forgive, Pisces can be too timid in certain situations, and if they feel betrayed or that their love and kindness are taken for granted they can turn abusive. Pisces also find it difficult to change established ways, and it is known that they can be quite lazy and passive.

Low and High Manifestation

Positives: altruism, tenderness, strong intuition, compassion, emotionality, selflessness, artistry, impressionability, humility.

Negatives: shyness, melancholy, distraction, anxiety, isolation, excessive silence, isolation, escape from reality

Appearance Factors

The Pisces man is of height short to medium, body with rounded shapes, arms and legs - usually short, skin - pale, round face with well-shaped cheeks, thin eyebrows, large eyes, round with a mysterious, dreamy look. Small nose, full lips, round chin. Movements - awkward, clumsy

The Pisces woman is of two main types: Whale - tall, large, prone to gaining weight, pale skin, brittle hair, brown in colour, oval face, large protruding eyes; Dolphin - small in stature, graceful, graceful, with a pleasant smile, expressive eyes in dark colour; small nose, small chin, light complexion.

Slow metabolism is often observed in Pisces, which leads to the accumulation of waste substances in the body, ie. there is a possibility of food poisoning. Weak immunity, and problems with the urinary system are possible. Danger of addiction to drugs, alcohol, drugs. Diseases are difficult to diagnose, often with misleading symptoms. They are prone to hormonal disorders, nervous, skin, colds, obesity, melancholy, psychosis, depression, hypochondria, fatigue, drowsiness, allergies, edema, immune diseases.

Recommendations: Avoid alcohol and other opiates. Be careful with sedatives. Silence and peace. Meditation. Foot massages for better dew. Walks in nature, water healing procedures. Fortunately, they rarely get sick for a long time.


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