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Aries people have a lot of energy and a thirst for life, which drives them to seek out tough situations that will push them to their limits. A typical Aries is driven, inquisitive, and has a strong sense of justice. They are typically highly ambitious and thrive in a competitive setting, whether intellectual or physical in character. They are often upbeat persons who are at ease in positions of authority. Aries people frequently have a very cheerful outlook and are less likely to feel sorry for themselves than other signs. They can be extremely hot-headed at times, and given their proclivity to pursue justice, they frequently find themselves in heated debates. Because they have a one-track mind, they are unlikely to back down from those debates – they prefer to be right and have the last word — regardless of whether they are correct or not. If appropriately channeled, the fire that burns inside them will fuel their activities and propel them to become protectors of both themselves and others.

Low and High Manifestation

Positives: independence, courage, entrepreneurship, ambition, friendliness, openness, optimism, enthusiasm, nobility, enthusiasm, activity.

Negatives: impatience, selfishness, haste, unceremoniousness, propensity to exaggerate, recklessness, anger, irritability, despotism, naivety, lack of tact and diplomacy.

Appearance Factors

The Aries man is of medium height, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. Face - square, broad, with well-developed cheekbones; hair - thick, dark; eyebrows - thick, closed; gaze - hard, bold and straight; bright Eyes; eagle nose; wide mouth with pursed lips, but not thin; beard - fourth and protruding; dark complexion; special scars - mole, facial scar; gait - fast, with slightly bent head forward; posture - domineering, arrogant.

Aries woman is slender, physically strong, although she may look fragile. Hair - thick, dark or reddish, not necessarily natural, gait is agile, determined.

In general, the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries are healthy and extremely vital. Most often they have complaints of migraine, neuralgia, mental disorders. Weaknesses – head, stomach, teeth, bone system, kidneys and eyes. Fortunately, they rarely get sick for a long time.

Recommendations: to relieve nervous tension, regular breaks, to take time to relax and get enough sleep. To control and transform aggression.

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Professions – officer, soldier, intelligence officer, entrepreneur, technician, constructor, gunsmith, policeman, surgeon, pilot, fitter, engineer, etc. typically male occupations.

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