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Saturn is the sixth planet of the solar system. It is a gas giant and is the second largest in the Solar System after Jupiter. With an average orbital speed of 9.69 km/s, Saturn takes about 10,759 Earth days (or about 29½ years) to complete one revolution around the Sun. Saturn is best known for its rings, which are composed of ice and space dust. Saturn is named after the Roman god of crops and agriculture Saturn, the counterpart of the Titan Kronos from ancient Greek mythology. The planet symbol is a stylized image of a sickle (♄). It rules form, discipline, responsibility, organization, ambition, career abilities, limitations, suffering, and inhibitions. Saturn rules theories and scientific law, elders, depth, patience, time, tradition, pattern, orthodoxy, and the fruitfulness of time. Saturn represents the principles of truth, unity, wisdom, and eternity. Its action is slow and prolonged. Saturn is the ruler of the horoscope. In ancient times he was known as the great evildoer. Saturn’s place in the horoscope is where you feel most insecure and tend to decompensate. 

Who in ancient times was called “Great Misfortune” does not give us such a right to choose as the Moon. The house in which Saturn falls determines what causes us the greatest failure, deprivation, limitation, and even physical death. If Saturn is the only planet in the house or only inauspicious and neutral planets are found here, failure in these affairs can be guaranteed. Saturn shows the unhappiness we get just because we are. The best ways to resolve these issues are through overcoming fear, self-knowledge, and spiritual practices. 

Low and High Manifestation

Positives: independence, courage, entrepreneurship, ambition, friendliness, openness, optimism, enthusiasm, nobility, enthusiasm, activity.

Negatives: impatience, selfishness, haste, unceremoniousness, propensity to exaggerate, recklessness, anger, irritability, despotism, naivety, lack of tact and diplomacy.

Appearance Factors

The Aries man is of medium height, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. Face - square, broad, with well-developed cheekbones; hair - thick, dark; eyebrows - thick, closed; gaze - hard, bold and straight; bright Eyes; eagle nose; wide mouth with pursed lips, but not thin; beard - fourth and protruding; dark complexion; special scars - mole, facial scar; gait - fast, with slightly bent head forward; posture - domineering, arrogant.

Aries woman is slender, physically strong, although she may look fragile. Hair - thick, dark or reddish, not necessarily natural, gait is agile, determined.

In general, the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries are healthy and extremely vital. Most often they have complaints of migraine, neuralgia, mental disorders. Weaknesses – head, stomach, teeth, bone system, kidneys and eyes. Fortunately, they rarely get sick for a long time.

Recommendations: to relieve nervous tension, regular breaks, to take time to relax and get enough sleep. To control and transform aggression.

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