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Sagittarius is a sign that enjoys wandering. They dislike being trapped in a monotonous and repeated routine. Their insatiable curiosity about everything motivates them to live an adventurous lifestyle that allows them to travel and indulge in their passion of investigating the world, wondering about its mysteries, and experiencing all of its best pleasures. Most have a large group of friends from their travels, all of whom have distinct lifestyles, perspectives, preferences, and experiences. This zodiac sign can be frustrated with people who are content to stick to their routines or accept things without questioning alternative options. They achieve serenity and harmony through exploring spiritual experiences and learning the “whys” behind everything. They appear to have an insatiable hunger for information, which gets  ingrained in their personality. You may have friend born under the sign of Sagittarius who is drawn to Eastern philosophy and is ready to share  their thoughts with you. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are  very intelligent and require lot of mental stimulation to stay motivated  and happy. Because of their outgoing, sympathetic character, they may  be adept at teaching others to appreciate this.

Low and High Manifestation

High Manifestation: Ambitious, fortunate, moral, optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded, and versatile

Low Manifestation: Gluttonous, Lazy, Restless, Irresponsible, Blindly Optimistic, Tactless

Appearance Factors

Height - medium or higher, body - strong and energetic or full, large body; nice open face with a wide forehead. Brown hair, straight or curly, prone to baldness on the forehead. Eyes - bright, smart, big. Mouth - large, well-shaped, fleshy lips, good-natured smile. Movements - energetic, lively, sometimes awkward.

Tall, with a strong and healthy body; hair brittle, with a red tinge. Face bright, round, high forehead. Dark eyes, bright eyes; big mouth.

Sagittarius zodiac sign people need flexibility and room to explore and wander when it comes to professions and vocations. They are the happiest while working as freelancers or in an employment that allow them to travel. They enjoy meeting new people and learning about diverse ideas, which is why many of them make excellent leaders. In these circumstances, they require a good earth sign as a second in command to keep them grounded and on track. They can be good team players, utilizing their high intelligence and tolerant ear to collaborate with others. However, they must be motivated to keep on track, or else they will become distracted and appear lethargic or weak-minded.

Recommendations: Do not overdo it with food and alcohol. Fresh air, movement and sports are recommended. Relaxation through meditation and spiritual practices.

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