Joan Ivanov

Human Design Lecturer

Jоan Ivanov

Joan Ivanov is a Lecturer of Human Design. He studied at Sofia University and graduated in Psychology. He inherited his interest in the esoteric and the occult from his family, and in particular from his grandmother, who deals with Astrology and Numerology and works hard with people. He began on the same path, following in her footsteps, meanwhile expanding his knowledge in the sphere of Kabbalah, and subsequently also discovered the system of self-knowledge ‘Human Design’ and began its in-depth study from its very original source. He is deeply captivated by the depth and answers the system provides him, receiving profound healing of his physical, emotional and mental health and undergoing a cardinal transformation in his way and outlook on life. Because of this, he still devotes his time to deepening his knowledge of the system and continues to be captivated by its efficiency and practicality.
He was invited to speak about the basics of Human Design in the show ‘Bez Format’ on the regional television eTV of Haskovo region, where he was born. He also participates in the section Astrology and Beyond, together with Kiril Goranov, where the two draw a parallel between Human Design and Astrology.
Ioan Ivanov also conducts personal consultations and individual analyses.


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