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The Twins


Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. As lovers of communication, these individuals love to interact with other people, and have been found to be very sociable. Also, they are intellectuals and like to gather as much information as possible, and can without hesitation share this information with their loved ones, as they have a lot of fun communicating. Most Geminis are versatile, lively, quick-witted and enthusiastic people whose company is rarely boring. They choose a career that has ample opportunities for communication and one that keeps them busy enough. The twins are skilful and talented when it comes to working with their hands and general motor skills, but they still do not prefer repetitive and monotonous tasks. Thus, a career that incorporates new ideas, plenty of communication and a fresh, new approach is ideal for a Gemini. Career options include qualities such as: technology, sales, writing, innovativeness, product development, journalism, radio presenting, etc. The twins are known to have a dual personality that often makes them doubt their desires and choices. They are also good at doing several things at once and good at the ability to listen to what is happening around them. Nevertheless, in their closest relationships, Geminis are perceived as loyal and faithful partners. In love, they are flexible, fun, curious and stimulating. They take good care of the needs of their family. In marriage, Geminis expect equality, so the female Gemini can continue on her career, even after child birth. They have many acquaintances and are awake and vigilant to the needs of their friends.

Low and High Manifestation

Positives: Intelligent, adaptable, agile, communicative, informative, and social

Negatives: Too much talkative, exaggerating, deceitful, and cunning Inconsistent and superficial

Appearance Factors

The Gemini man is medium or tall, with a thin body. The arms and legs are elongated while talking briskly gesturing. The face is thin, with a high forehead, with an emphasis in the area above the eyebrows. The nose is pointed, narrow, the mouth is medium, the lips are thin, slightly compressed. The hair is brown, with thin hair, eyes brown or green, mobile, gait - fast.

The Gemini woman is slender, with a slender body and narrow thighs. The face is light, there may be freckles. She has light and straight hair, she usually wears it long. The eyes are small, alive. Their mouths are small, with thin lips. He has an elongated neck and long fingers.

In terms of careers, folks born under the zodiac sign Gemini choose jobs that involve people and communication. They also enjoy creative tasks and work effectively in groups. They are the glue that holds the individuals around them together in teams, and they may really strengthen a group. They might be the ones that push the boundaries and encourage others to move outside of their comfort zones. This can be a problem if they’re working with more stable signs who don’t like to try new things. With their more imaginative and contentious ideas, they can come out as pushy and intrusive, or just plain odd. Geminis have a tendency to change their views frequently, which means they frequently bounce from job to job in search of stimulation and challenges.

Recommendations: Breathe fresh air, spend more time outdoors, move, play sports, do not smoke cigarettes and avoid smoky spaces.

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