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The tenth sign of the Zodiac


The Sea-Goat


Capricorns are goal-oriented and self-disciplined, making them one of the most self-disciplined zodiac signs. Capricorn is represented in the horoscopes of some of the world’s top scientists, legislators, leaders, and instructors, which is expected given their ambition to succeed. Many Capricorns find it natural to set goals, calculate their way to them, and stick to them, and they will work long, hard hours to finish what they set out to do. They are noted for being incredibly disciplined and patient, always keeping their eyes on the long game. They recognize that what they seek is not won in a single day, but rather through a long road that requires commitment and perseverance.  In general, people born under the sign of Capricorn place a high value on achievement. They tend to take life very seriously and fail to comprehend why others do not. They have a pretty dry sense of humour that often surprises and catches people off guard. This more humorous side of the mountain goat often does show that they can find entertainment in situations that others do not. Many Capricorns are naturally good with figures and have a natural ability to analyze both situations and individuals. They are not the noisy and obnoxious sort, but they are the powerful silent types who are often the muscle behind many plans and decisions. Quite often, they go about their work without feeling the need to brag about their numerous achievements.

Low and High Manifestation

High Manifestation: motivated, patient, strategic, determined, disciplined, dependable, loyal, purposeful and persistent.

Low Manifestation: pessimistic, materialistic, cynical, merciless in pursuit of a goal, conservative, inflexible and frugal.

Appearance Factors

The Capricorn man is of medium height with a weak or strong and muscular body. The nose is straight and wide, the mouth is large with thin and tight lips, the face is angular and thin with a well-defined forehead. The hair is dark, black, short.

The Capricorn woman is medium or tall, with a thin body. The hair is straight, dark or black. The face is pale with a high forehead and a small mouth. Brown eyes and a serious look.

They will always reach the pinnacle of their careers. They work extremely hard and will go above and beyond in their professions. They will not be tricked or pushed to do things they should not do – the mountain goat is very stubborn after having his future path already planned. They work well in groups or as leaders. They make excellent decisions and are very rational. They are driven to succeed at any cost and will not allow anything to stand in their way. Employers adore their Capricorn employees, but employees may find Capricorn bosses to be quite strict and to push very hard to achieve the results that they desire.

Recommendations: Maintain optimism and cheerful mood, more humor. Avoid sour and salty foods. Protect from cold and moisture. Follow a diet. More calm, positive thoughts. To play sports and have fun.

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