Iva Tabakova

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Iva Tabakova

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Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in Psychology and Astrology because I have always wondered what happens “up there” (🧠, 🌌).

I try to contribute to the development and progress of myself and others since then. Over the years, I have changed my approach because, as a typical Aries representative, I have been more direct and expansive.

These characteristics are still part of me, but still the goal of our existence is to develop our potential to the maximum and to model our givens in the most productive way. I love the opportunities that constructive communication allows us – understanding, acceptance, counseling, objectivity and, of course, progress.

That is why the intention of my activity is to talk openly about past experience, current difficulties and future aspirations! Slightly more specific data about me: – Graduating in “Psychology” at the New Bulgarian University – Graduating in advanced level in Astrology with a lecturer Kiril Goranov – Continuous reading of any type of books concerning both topics – Daily practice with different people Kiril Goranov is the man who opened my worldview wide in many respects to astrology and life in general! Thank you!

Email: iva.tabakova11@gmail.com

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