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The Crab


Those born under the sign of Cancer must be needed. They have an intense desire to feel liked and respected in all facets of their lives in order to establish a sense of stability and identity. The crab’s sense of home is extremely vital to their sense of safety. They find it difficult to achieve anything unless they feel safe and comfortable at home. As a result, they are excellent at creating emotionally and physically safe situations for individuals they care about. You’ll typically find the crab’s house to be welcoming, comfortable, and secure. They are extremely sensitive, which means that, like the crab, they may have grown very thick armor to assist them deal with changes in the world. Cancer can be quite deep and secretive, with their outward appearances concealing the depth of their emotions. They dislike sharing too much about themselves and prefer to interact in a more indirect manner. Cancer signs are normally protective and courageous, but if their emotional needs are not addressed, they can become quite sullen and moody. Because of their clinging personalities, they are sensitive to the needs of others. People born under the sign of Cancer can be highly successful in life because of their intuitive ability to grasp what others desire or seek.

Low and High Manifestation

High Manifestation: Nurturing, encouraging, healing, compassionate, and unconditionally loving

Low Manifestation: Dependent, indirect, depressed, passive aggressive, and unable to let go

Appearance Factors

The Cancer Man There are two distinct types of Crabs. First type - Moon - oval face, smooth skin, wide smile, round eyes childish expression. Body full, large, generally light type - eyes, skin, hair - light brown. Second type - Cancer - face cut, with pronounced cheekbones, open protruding forehead, closed eyebrows, small eyes, wide apart. Overall look on the face is interesting, intriguing, teeth - curved, protruding or displaced, with an incredible defect. Body bony, strong, with broad shoulders, arms and wrists - small or very large. Dark complexion, often seen baldness in front.

Cancer woman tends to gain weight when she is middle-aged, has a well-defined bust or no bust, narrow hips, long arms and legs, healthy nails, eyes - big, expressive and beautiful.

Those born under the sign of Cancer may have difficulty finding the suitable job environment. Because of their inclination to change their minds and drive for originality, they may even jump from job to job. They are, nevertheless, exceptionally hard workers, and when they are on the job, they are usually one of the hardest and most dependable employees. They don’t operate well in leadership positions, but as part of a team, they can be a valuable asset if there is no micromanagement. Because their talents lie in their ability to care for others, they may be well suited to work in service or nonprofit organizations.

Recommendations: To strengthen the nervous system, to reduce negative emotions, active movement to activate the circulation of fluids in the body. Eat food that does not burden the bile. Deep and long enough sleep.

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