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Mars is the fourth planet of the solar system. It is named after the Roman god of war Mars due to the fact that it appears red in the night sky. For this reason, it is also called the “Red Planet”. Mars has two natural moons: Phobos and Deimos, which are small, irregularly shaped, and believed to be asteroids captured by the planet’s gravity. The symbol of the planet is a stylized image of the shield and spear of the god Mars (♂). In Ancient Egypt, the planet was called the “Red Chorus” because of its deep color. Because of the planet’s retrograde rotation relative to Earth (Earth rotates faster around the Sun than Mars), the ancient Egyptians said it “travels in the opposite direction.” In addition, the name of the city of Cairo is derived from “El-Kahira”, meaning “the planet Mars” in Arabic. In Chinese and Japanese culture, the planet Mars is symbolized by the characters 火星 (translated as “Fire Star”) as part of the five elements traditionally used by Eastern cultures to classify objects.

The symbol of Mars is also used in biology to denote the male sex, as well as in alchemy as the sign of iron, which was believed to be abundant on Mars, due to the red color of the planet, which is actually the result of the presence of iron oxide. Mars earned the nickname “Little Misfortune” among the ancients; it will point out where we create problems for ourselves through our excessive activity, abruptness and aggressiveness. Mars attracts conflicts, contradictions, creates dangerous and tense situations. He displays that little misfortune, for which we ourselves are the culprits. That’s why people say “you did it yourself”. We can fight against these misfortunes only through self-control and self-discipline.

Low and High Manifestation

Positives: independence, courage, entrepreneurship, ambition, friendliness, openness, optimism, enthusiasm, nobility, enthusiasm, activity.

Negatives: impatience, selfishness, haste, unceremoniousness, propensity to exaggerate, recklessness, anger, irritability, despotism, naivety, lack of tact and diplomacy.

Appearance Factors

The Aries man is of medium height, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. Face - square, broad, with well-developed cheekbones; hair - thick, dark; eyebrows - thick, closed; gaze - hard, bold and straight; bright Eyes; eagle nose; wide mouth with pursed lips, but not thin; beard - fourth and protruding; dark complexion; special scars - mole, facial scar; gait - fast, with slightly bent head forward; posture - domineering, arrogant.

Aries woman is slender, physically strong, although she may look fragile. Hair - thick, dark or reddish, not necessarily natural, gait is agile, determined.

In general, the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries are healthy and extremely vital. Most often they have complaints of migraine, neuralgia, mental disorders. Weaknesses – head, stomach, teeth, bone system, kidneys and eyes. Fortunately, they rarely get sick for a long time.

Recommendations: to relieve nervous tension, regular breaks, to take time to relax and get enough sleep. To control and transform aggression.

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