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Beginners 2024 Spring with Daniela Vitanova

Advanced knowledge of Astrology techniques

Можете да се включите в първата лекция на 14.03.2024 от 19:00 до 22:00 от тук

The course lasts for four months, and the students are provided with the materials from the lectures included in the training (Presentations), online software and unique videos made at the time of the course.

Each recording of the lectures remains open with permanent access for the successful students.

In addition, there is an option to join the next beginner’s course for free, thus increasing the duration to four months.

OnLine training is through a custom ZOOM group.

The terrain on which the course is held is owned by Astrology & beyond …

Всичко е свързано с емоциите и всичко е свързано с начина по, който те отразяват гледната ни точка. А Звездите и планетите са показател за настоящите и бъдещи уроци. Можем да преминем много по-лесно през уроците в живота знаейки какви са актуалните такива и какъв е най-добрия начин за леко преминаване през тях.

It`s important to contact Daniela Vitanova before enrolling to give you additional information on how the education process is structured.


The origins of astrology (ancient knowledge and modern look). Short history of astrology and the use of it like a tool for self knowledge and self improvement .

The four elements, and the four types of temperament and the three qualies

The first six zodiac signs deep knowledge.

The last six zodiac signs deep knowledge.

Power, glyphs and principles and their importance.

All about the Sun and the Moon and their positions in Signs, Houses and decanates.

All about Mercury, Venus and Mars and their positions in Signs, Houses and decanates.

All about Jupiter and Saturn and their positions in Signs, Houses and decanates.

All aboutUranus, Neptune, and Plutio and their positions in Signs, Houses and decanates.

Major points in Astrology

Details about the houses.

Planet communication trough aspects and different types of combinations.

First prognostic method. Transits, ephemeris and the cycles of the planets.

Second prognostic method. Secondary progression of the Sun, Moon and inner planets. Evolution of the soul.

Third prognostic method. Solar Return (Year horoscope) predicting the upcoming events.

Combining charts and seing the conections and influences.

Understanding the benfits of modern western astrology trough unequal chart systems such as Placidus. Carmic lessons and main themes trough life.

Each lecture is filmed and can be watched online on the website http://astrology-beyond.com, where all presentation materials are uploaded.

For this purpose, each student gets access to a personal profile with recordings of lectures.

Everyone who is registered gets access to a group in Zoom and has the opportunity for live participation (OnLine).

From 19:00 to 22:00 GMT  every Tuesday and Thursday

Additional dates for exercises and review of sample maps (workshop)
from 12:00 to 18:00 GMT Saturday

31.03.2024 – Exercises from 12:00 to 18:00
05.05.2024 – Exercises from 12:00 to 18:00

23.06.2024 – Exercises from 12:00 to 18:00
14.07.2024 – Exam for completion of the course from 12:00 to 18:00

Each student who successfully completes the course receives: online certificate to Astrology & Beyond ...

A total of 72 astronomical hours

To enroll in the course please call 00359899239162 (Daniela Vitanova) or send an inquiry to dani_vitanova@abv.bg


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